Second International Workshop on Learning from Other Disciplines for RE (D4RE)


The D4RE workshops aims to bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in discussing the question »What can requirements engineering learn from other disciplines?«

The overall goal of the workshop is to raise awareness for this interesting topic in the RE community and foster future collaborations across the boundaries of requirements engineering and software engineering.

In the first successful edition of the D4RE workshop, we elaborated an initial set of best practices and possible synergies to RE in the disciplines journalism/writing, law and socializing. In this second edition, we aim to get inspired from best practices of new disciplines and elaborate further ideas to adapt and incorporate such best practices in RE activities during breakout sessions. The outcomes of the workshop will include a new set of promising ideas intended to serve as „inspiration“ for people from academia and research when it comes to addressing current RE-related challenges.

For additional information about the agenda and content see the event page.

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