2019 AES International Conference on Headphone Technology

San Francisco

The Audio Engineering Society is pleased to announce its second AES International Conference on Headphone Technology which will be held on August 27–29, 2019 in San Francisco, CA, USA. The first edition of the Conference was held in August 2016 in Aalborg, Denmark. This conference focuses on technologies for headphones with a special emphasis on the emerging fields of Mobile Spatial Audio, Individualization, Assistive Listening and Audio for Augmented Reality. It will gather scientists, developers and practitioners who are involved in theory, technical design, application or evaluation of headphone technology. The conference will be an interdisciplinary gathering encouraging fruitful discussions across the headphone, hearing aid and audio delivery industries.

Meet the expert for loudspeaker development, Dr. Daniel Beer, head of the Electroacoustics Group at Fraunhofer IDMT and convince yourself on site of the innovative technology!
Together with Fraunhofer ISIT, Fraunhofer IDMT will present the latest developments in the development of MEMS loudspeakers as part of a demonstration: a new piezo speaker for in-ear headphone systems based on MEMS technology. Experience the potential of this MEMS based speaker by listening to music with an in-ear headphone system. With its core advantages – high-fidelity audio reproduction, low power consumption and outstanding fabrication accuracy in cost-efficient volume production – this MEMS speaker offers a promising approach to fulfill the audio requirements of future mobile devices, such as headphones or hearable systems.

For additional information about the agenda and content see the event page.


San Francisco
Audio Engineering Society
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