Tenth International Workshop


Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations

This symposium aims to promote collaboration among engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists and industrial researchers to address the development, mathematical analysis, and application of meshfree and particle methods especially to multiscale phenomena. It continues the 2-year-cycled Workshops on Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations. While contributions in all aspects of meshfree methods are invited, some of the key topics to be featured are

  • Mathematical theory of meshfree, generalized finite element, and particle methods
  • Application of meshfree, generalized/extended finite element methods e.g. to
    • multiscale problems
    • multiphysics problems
    • non-local models
    • problems with multiple discontinuities and singularities
  • Problems in high-dimensions
  • Kernel-based scattered data techniques for data analysis and machine learning
  • Data-driven material models
  • Identification and characterization of problems where meshfree methods have clear advantage over classical approaches

For additional information about the agenda and content see the event page.

University Club of the University of Bonn
Research Group of Prof. Dr. Marc Alexander Schweitzer
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