Qurator 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies


Die Konferenz bietet einen Einblick in die Verwendung von digitalen Kurationstechnologien in Anwendungsbereichen, wie z.B. Kultur, Medien, Journalismus, Logistik, kulturelles Erbe, Gesundheitswesen und Biowissenschaften, Energie und Industrie.

These days, those who don't communicate digitally simply aren't noticed. The result: More and more content has to be edited for a wide variety of devices in the shortest possible time - information management is increasing dramatically. To ensure that companies and organisations keep afloat in everyday life, the QURATOR project is working on an innovative approach: Curation technologies based on artificial intelligence support knowledge workers, media managers and business strategists in enriching and structuring digital content with machine-readable data and using it profitably.

At the conference, fields of application for various industries and areas such as media, cultural heritage, healthcare, logistics, energy and industry will be presented. In addition, you can work together with QURATOR experts in workshops to develop concrete use cases - for storytelling and exhibition curating, risk monitoring, process and knowledge management, personalised medicine and other promising fields of application.

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